Types And Styles Of Christmas Lights

For many individuals, Christmas lights are an essential aspect of the holiday season. There is nothing that says Christmas quite like the look of a festive house bejewelled with beautiful decorations and lights or a brightly-lit pine tree. There are a number of options from which to choose when buying Christmas lights.

Recent years have ushered in a dramatic change in colour offerings when it comes to Christmas lights. While the traditional red, green, yellow and blue lights are still popular, there is an abundance of other colours like orange, pink, soft white or purple.

Additionally, light shapes have become more and more fascinating. In the past, individuals were limited to mainly large, bubble or mini lights. Now, with the variety of shapes, you can have you your halls decked out in exceptional ways. For some individuals, the range of lights could be a bit daunting.

Categories of Christmas Lights

LED and incandescent are the two main categories into which Christmas lights fall; a few basic differences exist between them as highlighted below:

LED (light-emitting diode) lights:

• More energy efficient than incandescent lights
• Burn at lower temperatures
• Last longer

Incandescent Lights

• Emit a warm glow
• Typically less expensive than LEDs

Types of Christmas Lights

• LED Projection Spotlights

No installation is required for LED projection spotlights and they are a time-saving alternative to conventional string lights. They can simply be plugged into an outlet and projected anywhere like outdoor trees, Christmas trees or elsewhere on the property.

• LED Rope Lights

These rope lights are perfect for outlining walkways, windows and doorways and for creating elaborate designs and shapes.

• Icicle Lights

These lights provide your home with a whimsical snow-covered look that fits right in with the holiday vibe.

• Net Lights

These lights come already threaded together into forms, which makes it easy to pull off a uniformed look when they are draped across structures or shrubs.

• Battery-Operated Lights

These battery-operated lights work remarkably well for Christmas displays that are not located close to a power source or those that are located where it could be unsafe to cords to drape cords.

• Animated and Colour-Changing Lights

These animated and colour-changing Christmas lights put some extra attention-grabbing action into your holiday display.

• Large Bulb Lights

These lights are also referred to as G40, C5, C7 and C9. They give off a retro vibe and create an undeniable visual impact.

• Wide Angle LED Mini Lights

These mini lights have conical-shaped, low-profile bulbs that emit more light than other varieties. They seamlessly blend into their surroundings when turned off.

• Mini String Lights

These lights have smaller bulbs and their popularity has remained strong over the last few decades.