Tips For Choosing And Hiring A Local Electrician

Whether it’s an electrical emergency or an electrical problem that you don’t have the DIY skills to fix, professional help is usually a call away. Here are a few tips when choosing or hiring a local electrician.

Response time

The best electrician is the one who can give you the service you need in the least amount of time. This usually means an electrician who operates in the vicinity of your home, office or business establishment. Having an electrician who has a shop or office nearby can come in handy in times of emergency. However, don’t look into proximity alone. You can look at customer reviews to see if the electrician is punctual to all his appointments or has a reputation for tardiness.

Certification and license

Professional electricians need to be certified or licensed to practice in some states. This requirement gives clients some level of certainty that the electrician they are hiring has completed the classwork and apprenticeship units needed to competently work as an electrician.


Electricians and companies that offer electrical services are required to have insurance, whether it’s business or general liability insurance, to cover any unexpected accidents or any other liability arising from their work. Make sure your electrician’s insurance policy is up to date since this is one indication that his business license is also current.


Most licensed electricians have the minimum amount of experience needed to deliver standard work. However, if you want more assurance that you are working with an electrician who really knows his stuff, you can look into how many years he has been working in the business and the kind of track record that he has kept over the years. You can do this by simply asking him, looking at online reviews, and by interviewing past clients.

Service charge

It’s not hard to compare service charges in your area. Do an online search and ask for quotes from three or more electricians or providers to see the average in service charges.

Electrical problems in the home or office are sometimes better left to the pros. This is the reason why it’s always a good idea to have a local electrician’s phone number handy. Keep these tips in mind if you are still looking for the right electrician for you.