Laundry Renovation Can Make Wash Day More Fun

Having a laundry in one’s home is one of the great conveniences of modern life. However, it is a fact that the laundry room is often neglected when it comes to areas of the home that undergo renovation. The laundry is often a sterile room filled with cleaning products and appliances that create a very unappealing look. When the laundry room looks unattractive and uninviting, a person will dread facing the task of cleaning and sorting clothing.

It can be fairly simple and even inexpensive to upgrade the look of the laundry room. There are a few simple changes that can make this room more appealing. However, if you wish to make big improvements, a major laundry renovation can make the room much more functional and more pleasant.

First, consider the appliances themselves. Are the washer and dryer still up for doing the job for which they were originally installed? Has your family grown larger since the last time you upgraded your washing machine or dryer? Are you now able to afford a better quality of washer and dryer than the ones you had installed five years ago? If your family is very large, and if you have the space, you might want to consider installing an additional washer and dryer so no one has to wait for someone else’s laundry to get done.

Another factor to consider in laundry room renovation is the attractiveness of the room itself. Is this a room that you avoid spending time in unless you have to? There are easy ways to make your laundry a more attractive place. One way to make your laundry room much more appealing is by the addition of colour. You can start with a fresh coat of paint in a cheery shade. Add a small table and chair where you can have tea or coffee while waiting for the spin cycle to end. If there is a window, why not put up new curtains? Put some artwork on the walls and a few cheery plants. Installing attractive flooring will make a big difference in the renovation of your laundry room.

Make sure you have created a pleasant area for folding and sorting clothes. You should have plenty of storage space to hide away all the items you don’t want to see. A laundry room will not look good if clothing and laundry have to be left out because there is not enough room to sort and store things properly.

Many home laundries have very bright, sterile lighting that might be better suited for an operating room in a hospital. There is no reason to have such harsh lighting if you can opt instead for something much softer. You can use table lamps and dimmer switches to create a much more pleasant atmosphere. You can still see properly to sort and fold the clothing, but the room will look much more attractive.