How To Install Curtains & Blinds In Your House

Curtains & blinds complete a space. They assist in controlling the light, lending warmth and privacy to the space, adding colour and texture and affirming your design preference. As it relates to hanging curtains & blinds, a few basic rules are there to follow. For example, hanging curtains as wide and high as possible will make windows appear bigger than its actual size. However, every window is different and specific attention is required for each. Below are some tips on hanging curtains & blinds:

Importance of Measurement

Proper measurement is necessary to ensure the correct size of the blinds and the right length and width of the curtains. Start by using a measuring tape to figure out the size of the windows to be covered. Blinds can either be mounted on the outside or inside of the casings. Hanging the blinds on the outside will cause them and the windows to look bigger. Hanging them on the inside gives the appearance of smaller windows.

Let There Be Light

Unless a bedroom is being designed, you probably do not need blackout curtains. In its place, you should choose sheer fabrics that allow outside light to come in; this creates a breezy and natural look. In addition, using inside mounts to hang blinds enable more light to shine through around the edges of the window where the blinds are installed.

Panel Separation

When it comes to installing curtains on windows that stretch across a large wall, you can consider installing an extra-wide curtain rod from one side of the wall to the next. This gives you the opportunity to hang multiple panels and create a softening, repetitive effect around the room. This can also add softness to blinds installed on those windows.

Hidden Hardware

In some instances, curtains & blinds look better when mounted inside of the window frame; this is particularly true for rooms with large windows that you want to have a cosier look and fell. There are other occasions when the best look will come from having the hardware concealed in the ceiling for a minimalist appearance. That tiny detail could have an immense impact on the overall look and feel of a room.

Curtains & blinds bring a certain look of completion to a space that nothing else can accomplish. Use these guidelines to maximise their benefits and allow your window treatments to be the best that they can be. For a range of new curtains options for your home, click here.