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Home Renovation Ideas for Older Properties

Older homes are a common sight within Australia – after all the construction industry only recently undertook the task of developing modern properties for the increase in population. Depending on the region, the way in which old properties are built will differ; but it’s commonly accepted that as materials were much scarcer back then, the condition and structural integrity of these types of homes isn’t quite as sound as modern equivalents.

With that in mind, certain authorities are reluctant to give the go ahead when it comes to obtaining planning permission for houses of a certain age; but that doesn’t make renovating and modifications un-doable altogether. If you own a property with a little age under its belt, then there are still things that you can do to update the look and feel of your home. Here are a few home renovation ideas for older premises that can help to add some much needed youth to an ageing house.

A fresh colour scheme can go a long way

Paint can cater to internal and external projects in equal measure. Picking the right colour should be the first task; with light, pastel shades helping to open up darker spaces inside and providing a more modern feel externally – they may well be the way to go.

Out with the old

The thing with old homes is that they will often feature much of their original aesthetics, such as beams, bannisters and plaster walls. Instead of having them stripped, you could always have the features updated. Wooden beams can be stripped, sanded and then varnished for a fresher appearance, as can bannisters. Plaster walls are easy to clean and repair, or you could choose to knock them down and have a more solid alternative installed.

Windows can work wonders

Many old properties will feature single-pane window panels and having these replaced with double-glazed alternatives can be very beneficial. Not only will the double panels act to sustain the temperature inside of a house, they will also add a little modern-style and broader functionality as well.

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