Choosing a Good Glazier for Glass Installation

Glaziers have one of the coolest names in the industry – and that might have something to do with the fact that their job sounds like ‘glacier’. Strangely enough, where glaciers feature smooth, clean ice; glaziers specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of another smooth material – glass.

These glass repair experts are often the first port of call for home and commercial property owners, and for good reason! They offer extensive services relating to the installation of glass, as well as the construction of frames and windows in general. But if there’s one thing that most home owners will want to make sure of, it’s that whichever glazier they choose; they make the best decision.

If you don’t, you could end up with a poorly insulated frame, damaged glass, or even the ultimate pet hate – wonky windows! There’s no excuse for a wonky pane unless it’s in a crooked house at a theme park, but considering that most of you won’t want your home to emanate this type of style, here’s a quick guide for choosing a good glazier.

Where are you located?

We aren’t literally asking for your residential address; in fact it’s actually a rhetorical question. When we say it, we mean that you might want to think about where you’re situated, so that you can find a local glazier in your area, as opposed to one that will need to travel across Australia to get to you. The closer they are, the cheaper their transportation rates can be and as if that wasn’t enough; they might also be able to get your project off to a quicker start.

What’s your budget?

Again, this is a question for you to consider. Plenty of people make the mistake of saying ‘Hi there Mr. Glazier, we have a budget of $10,000 AUD for a new set of windows to be fitted, how much will you charge?’ As you might imagine, those unsavoury glaziers will then say something along the lines of ‘What a coincidence, I charge $10,000 AUD on the dot!’ Rather than announcing your budget to the world and his uncle, why not get in touch with a few potential glass installation experts, ask them for a quote and then see what type of payment they will expect instead?

What type of service do you need?

Although most glaziers will specialise in installation, repair and maintenance in general – there are those that strictly offer particular features. If you need a glass expert to help with an installation, then it won’t make a lot of sense to hire one that offers extensive repair services. Before booking a service, you might benefit from a quick chat with an expert and as most will offer flexible consultation services (or a home visit in simple terms), you can have all of your questions answered, while seeing if the glazier is the right one for your needs.

And there you have it exactly what we promised; a quick list of things to consider when hiring a good glazier. Once you’ve put them all into practice, we have no doubt that you’ll be even closer to finding a great expert that will be able to meet your exact window fitting needs.