Bathroom Renovation Ideas: From Vision To Reality

Every room in a house has an important function, so each one is equally important. The bathroom, for instance, is a place where you go to relieve yourself, take a shower, brush your teeth and shave among other things. This room should not only be functional, but also comfortable because you will be spending a lot of time in there. You don’t want to dread taking a shower just because your bathroom is poorly designed or organized. If you think your bathroom can be improved on, chances are you’re right. If you’ve recently purchased an old home, you can renovate the bathroom to make it more functional and improve its ambiance and aesthetic appeal. The good news is that by hiring a local bathroom renovation company, you will be able to upgrade your bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas

i) Upgrade Your Bathtub

One of the most effective ways of transforming your bathroom is to upgrade the bathtub. While there is always the option of replacing the old bathtub with a new one, this can be incredibly costly. The cheaper option would be to refinish your old bathtub. The ideal contractor should be able to refinish your bathtub to give it a brand-new look. This can save you a lot of money. Once refinished, your bathtub will be as good as new. Be sure to discuss this with your contractor before you commit yourself.

ii) Install a New Bathroom Sink Faucet

The bathroom sink faucet can improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and enhance the theme. Consider upgrading the faucet. There are some amazing faucet designs that you may be interested in, so be sure to shop around or ask your contractor to show you some of the available bathroom faucet designs.

iii) Work on the Cabinets

You can either decide to replace the bathroom cabinets or refinish them. If the wood on the cabinets are in good condition, consider refinishing as opposed to replacing them. Be sure to also install new handles to match the theme you’re creating. A fresh coat of paint can significantly transform the appearance of your cabinets.

iv) Paint the Walls

While a large portion of the bathroom walls may have waterproof tiles, you can still paint on the walls to transform the appearance of your bathroom. By working with an interior designer, you can easily come up with the best colors for the walls, bathroom cabinets, ceiling and floor.

There are many other bathroom renovation ideas that can yield impressive results. What is important, however, is having a healthy budget. Be sure to also hire the right contractor. In this regard, the following are key factors to be considered when looking for a local bathroom renovation company:

1. Licensing

When searching for a suitable contractor, licensing is one of the key factors that you will need to take into consideration before you can make a decision. The issuing authority, expiry date and licence category must all be checked before a decision can be made.

2. Experience

The ideal contractor should have a lot of experience in the industry. They must have previously handled many bathroom renovation projects and implemented similar types of ideas. By checking the portfolios of the shortlisted firms, you will not only assess the experience of the shortlisted contractors, but also the quality of service they normally offer. This will help you make an informed decision.

3. Reputation

The reputation a firm has developed over the years is a key factor of consideration. You want to hire a trusted and reliable contractor, so be sure to check reviews and ratings as well as read testimonials written by previous clients before you commit yourself.

4. Insurance & Bond

Only contractors who are insured and bonded can be considered. Therefore, you will need to check the validity of insurance policies and performance bonds before you commit yourself.

5. Cost

Lastly, you have to compare cost estimates because you want to get the best value for money.